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  • Hafa Adai!

    Hafa Adai! If you're looking for more information on relocating to Guam, look no further! Check out our newcomer section and see some community advice for you and your family. Congratulations on your assignment, and welcome to Guam! Read More
  • Volunteer

    Interested in volunteering? Take a look at the different volunteer opportunities available to you around the island. As a service member, volunteering in the community not only fosters a harmonious relationship with Guam's residents, it improves your spirit as well! Read More
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Guam PCS Info

Written on 10/03/2013, 07:22 by Corri G
what-do-i-need-to-know-about-bringing-my-pet-to-guamMilitary moves affect more than just the human family members... Moving also impacts our fur babies... Guam is a rabies-free island ~ and...
Written on 10/03/2013, 07:17 by admin
what-are-some-good-first-stopsThere are tons of things to do in Guam. Snorkeling, shopping, hiking, sightseeing, or just relaxing on the beach; you name it. Your first...
Written on 10/03/2013, 07:01 by admin
how-does-tla-workTLA (Temporary Lodging Allowance) will be used to cover the costs associated with lodging during your initial stay in Guam while you are...
Written on 10/03/2013, 07:24 by Corri G
how-does-mail-workAs Guam is a Territory of the United States of America ~ there is an operating USPS system on island. Additionally - there is a Military...
Written on 10/03/2013, 07:21 by Corri G
how-does-living-off-base-work Here on Guam - we enjoy the opportunity to live on or off base. Anyone choosing to live off base can go to the Defense Travel Management...
Written on 10/03/2013, 07:23 by Corri G
what-should-i-know-about-the-schools-in-guamChildren of families assigned to Naval Base Guam or Andersen Air Force Base attend DODEA school on base. The DoDEA Pacific Director is...
Written on 10/03/2013, 07:19 by Corri G
what-is-on-base-housing-like Housing on both bases is constructed to withstand the weather and conditions here on this tropical island. Guam does sustain typhoon...
Written on 10/03/2013, 07:09 by admin
where-will-my-temporary-lodging-be When assigned to Guam - both Air Force and Navy lodging facilities are typically reserved for short TDY's and deployments. Since you will...
Written on 10/03/2013, 07:24 by Kim Overturf
what-is-guam-like  Guam is a tropical island in the Pacific Ocean - and is a vacation destination for many. Particularly among the Japanese - Guam is a...
Written on 23/11/2013, 16:33 by admin
what-about-my-vehiclePosted by Kim:" Vehicles Can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months to get here. When you shipped your vehicle they should have given you...
Written on 10/03/2013, 07:13 by Kim Overturf
what-is-off-base-housing-like"Off base housing is a lot like the states but with a lot bigger electricity bill. They have houses, condos, and apartments off base. It is...
Written on 10/03/2013, 07:19 by Kim Overturf
how-can-i-be-more-prepared Figure out your TLA and make hotel reservations as soon as possible Research a few car companies if you are going to rent a car, and...
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Volunteer Talk

- Will be turning 16 soon & willing for a job at GAIN. I live close by in Dededo, & I have volunteered at GAIN before and know my way around.
Soon we will be facing a huge change in the community by meeting new people from various parts of other countries. The only thing that we all should improve on is how do start whe...
Guest (TJ)
If you are 13-15 , are you allowed to volunteer?
Guest (Cess&Greg)
Was wondering if the weekend volunteer is still available? Really interested in helping
Guest (Cathrina)
Thank you for sharing and lets try to keep our organizations together. It is the best way to collaborate with each other. Happy Holidays to all members and volunteers. Ms. CMPal...
Hi Corri, Hafa Adai! It's been quite awhile since I really got in to things again. I get pulled away from my primary mission at work. I see that base housing and off-base housin...
Hi Tristen, I read your question about your interest in working at G.A.I.N. they are a non-profit organization and rely on public support and volunteers to assist in maintaining t...
Hi Peter Janse, I was reading up on your experience for the Animal Shelter. Where about would you be staying? Is it on base in Anderson or Navy etc. Guam has about three Animal S...